Student Feedback

Full Sail University (Online Composition)

April 2013, Section 07

  • Mr. Sussman was by far the most helpful instructor I have had to date. It was very clear that he was there to help students understand the course and its relationship to our future education and careers.  
  • It was a pleasure and wonderful experience taking this course. Truly, I have learned more than I expected this month. I plan to use this education to fulfill my professional life from now on. Thank you so much.  
  • English is a difficult subject – It has been said it is one of the hardest languages to learn – Mr. Sussman makes that learning process easier  
  • Very knowledgable instructor, responded to my emails in a very timely manner. Good course.  
  • tough class but necessary  
  • This class was very helpful, and my instructor was very understanding and fair.

April 2013, Section 08

  • So far in my classes Mr. Sussman has become my favorite teacher! He was so helpful and easily available when I needed him! Thank you so much this month!  
  • Of all the classes I’ve taken so far, I must say this one is the absolute best. Mr Sussman seems really invested in the success of his students and offers the most detailed feedback ever. I think this class has actually helped improve my writing, so thank you.  
  • Mr. Sussman is a  great teacher! I really enjoyed this class.  
  • I really enjoyed this class, and appreciate that the teacher too the time to respond to our Discussion Board post and inform us when grades were posted.  
  • Great class. I learned a lot in the class.  
  • It wasn’t what I was expecting for an English class, however, I found it challenging enough to not get bored, but not so much that I became over whelmed.  
  • The assignments could have been a bit more broad as to consider those who are not in the same generation as most of the students. The assignments were a bit bias leaning more towards a younger student.

The University of Missouri (Composition I)


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